Group 8



● Research & identify existing competitors

● Organise Information Architecture

● Propose design with wireframes

● Create product identity

● Deliver final interface design

Project length / 1 week

Project type / Client project, UX / UI 


The objective was to create a tool to help estimate costs of an app. Users are able to go to the website to get an estimation to build an app and will also get a list of recommended agencies in Australia & around the world.


● Have a seamless experience when getting an estimation

● Get more leads from visits

● Ask the users as many questions as possible without spamming them

● Create a hub in Sydney

Competitor analysis

To understand where & how the five2one app calculator will stand in the market, I did competitor research on the top 5 app calculators. This allowed me to grasp the common similarities of app calculators, questions and identify key areas of difference for the five2one calculator.

Group 3

Information Architecture

Based on the previous research, I came up with questions to draw as much information from users without spamming them. In order for the user to have a seamless experience, informational architecture had to be organized under the right categories for easy finding. This will essentially be another point of difference from the competitors. The categories were tested and iterated through various card sorting sessions for the best solution that will allow users to search and find at ease.

Question organization

Screen Shot 2018-01-02 at 2.28.59 pm

App features organization

Group 7

User flow

A user flow diagram was done after the organization of the site Informational Architecture was organized from questions to features. This helped the client see the user's flow and touchpoints of the product through every step. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 11.34.29 am


Final design